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About Us

Improving Together

Our Purpose

Alonos is about lifting and transforming the business together, at every level.  We are your strategic partners for business transformation.  It is our passion, and always our goal, to help you build organizational capability.  We're different from many other firms who want you to become dependent on them.  Instead, we want to enable your capabilities so that you can succeed!

Our Story

Alonos® was founded in 2015 as a new approach to enabling business success.  Our trademarked name was created from two Latin words.  Translated, Alonos® means "Improving Together."

Our firm started in the mid-90's as an advanced learning technology company, providing learning solutions in communications and electronics technology.

Meet the Executive Leadership Team

Alonos® is a minority/woman-owned business operating globally, with our home office based in Dallas, Texas, in the United States.  We operate primarily through a network of highly-skilled independent consultants, which provides us with maximum flexibility and access to expertise.  We also have relationships with key work partners that provide you with extensive value in areas that enhance business performance.

Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez

Chairperson & Executive Partner

Maria is our chairperson for the company and she leads our Multicultural Marketing practice.


Dr. Dale J. Albrecht

Director & Executive Partner

Along with his board duties, Dr. Albrecht leads the People and Performance practices for Alonos®.

Next Steps...

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