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Alonos is your source for cutting edge research on business performance.

Here you will find recent research and white papers that Alonos® and/or our staff have sponsored, written, or produced.  The research presented here is focused in our three practice areas of multicultural marketing, performance, and people.

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Why Time Wounds All Organizations

This white paper provides a broader view of organizational effectiveness by expanding the time horizon.  Effectiveness and efficiency at one point in time does not equate to the same performance at a future point in time.  When organizations are left alone to evolve organically, departments and teams eventually end up being an impediment to overall firm growth.



Outsourcing Considerations for Organizational Design

This white paper examines the organizational design and ecosystem implications of outsourcing.  A model for examining business impact is describes, and a template for assessing benefits, and risks is provided.  Organizational implications are explored and described.  Implications associated with the other six disciplines are also explored, and these include decision rights, processes, systems, tools, people, and incentives.

Improving Success Rates

This white paper discusses how to approach organizational design so that businesses can enjoy high success rates.  The approach that our firm uses builds on expert knowledge of organizational design practices and goes further to employ the use of multiple disciplines to drive business improvements.  Our research and experience has shown that proper analysis of performance issues and selection from a set of seven disciplines can more than double the success rate of business initiatives!


Multicultural Strategies

This white paper examines the reasons why a multicultural approach to marketing is a business necessity.  Demographic changes and purchasing power shifts among multicultural demographics is already happening and will accelerate over the next decade.  Companies need to orient their businesses, products, services, and go-to-market strategies to ensure on-going relevance with a changing customer base.

The 5 Biggest Causes of Repeated Re-Org's

This white paper examines some of the most common causes of repeated and unintentional re-organizations.  These types of restructuring activities damage cultures, destroy employee engagement, and generate unnecessary change management issues.  Like many things in business, laying the right foundation and starting out with business performance objectives helps to drive the entire effort.

The 7 Key Disciplines that Drive Organizational Capabilities

This white paper examines seven key disciplines that drive organizational capabilities.  Whenever a change is needed in organizational capability to achieve business goals, two of more of these disciplines is needed to drive the desired changes.