Organizational Insights Check™

4 profiles in 1

1.  Employee Engagement
2.  Organizational Culture
3.  Company Values
4.  Performance Capabilities

Consulting Services in Organizational Development

We focus on consulting services that drive business performance improvement. It is our mission to be your strategic partner that delivers and transfers the expertise needed to transform the business systematically.

Organizational Design

We have extensive experience with all organizational structures including geographic, customer segmentation, market segmentation, functional, process, product/service, and matrices. We are uniquely qualified to consult with you on your organizational design needs.

Decision Effectiveness

Decision rights are a perfect complement to organization and process design. We will work together to ensure that the organization has clarity of ownership for all key decisions. Then we will work through the aspects of decision making that drive quality, speed, effort, and outcome.

Process Design

We believe that processes should designed to fit the organization and its needs, not the other way around. We have expertise in both LEAN and Six Sigma.


We focus on the organizational development aspects of people, providing services in talent management, training design and development, and succession planning.


We believe that incentives design and management is one of the most important duties of executive management and boards.  Incentives motivate performance and behavior.  When designed and managed proactively incentives can have a dramatic positive impact on business performance.  We provide bench-marking, analytics, plan design, and plan modeling.

Systems & Tools

Systematization drives improvements in business performance by ensuring consistency in execution.  We use defined approaches to identify opportunities for systematization and automation.  Proper tools selection enables both effective and efficient completion of a job.  We have extensive experience with multiple industries and the evaluation of proper tool assortments.  

Workshop Facilitation

We have an extensive library and can facilitate many types of workshops that accelerate team performance.

strategic planning

Our Leadership Advance!™ product advances your team through business planning in an accelerated manner.   Gain the benefit of broad collaboration through ideation, creativity, and innovation.

change & Project planning

Getting ready to launch a project or initiative? Give you teams a head-start and let us facilitate them through a collaborative and active workshop.