Organizational Effectiveness

We believe that organizational structure should be chosen on purpose and by design. It is a part of the foundation of your company and it governs what your people do and how they do it.

Organizational design is about much more than an organizational structure. Sound organizational design impacts your culture, communications, how people interact, work flow, processes, and much more. We also uniquely understand the cultural implications of organization design. Cultures around the world respond differently to organizational structures. What works well in one country/culture may not work as well in another.

Systems Approach

We view organizations as systems, and we use a defined and systematic approach to every organizational design engagement. Our process and tools have been refined through years experience in commercial and non-profit environments. The tools that we have built help bring objectivity to the process, and they help to facilitate decision making.

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Why do 70% of organizational changes fail? Why do employees have to endure negative and repeated reorganizations? Higher success rates require a multidisciplinary approach along with a full view of the business ecosystem. When approached this way, success rates jump dramatically! This book builds upon the body of knowledge in organizational design and explores how to approach the design of organizations to drive and sustain business performance improvement. The methods and models put forth, focus on the integration of organizational design with other disciplines that collectively improve the business ecosystem such as: Value Chain, Supply Chain, Value Disciplines, Lean Sigma, Business Process Management, Workforce Automation, Systems Thinking, Organizational Capabilities, Project Management, and Change Management. The business ecosystems viewpoint makes this book applicable and valuable to boards, executive management, organizational design practitioners, and human resources professionals.