Strategic Decision Making

Effective leaders understand the power of decision making to make a positive impact on financial results. We are also aware of the opposite; poor decision making can cripple a business’ performance. Bad decisions send teams down a course of action that result in poor performance.

Our certification programs fuel problem solving and the achievement of your strategic plans. We’ve pioneered the latest research and updated older models and have released into public domain the RAPIDS decision making framework. 

This powerful framework builds upon those that have come before and extends the approach so it can be leveraged in individual, group, and consensus decision making. It is also built to be a useful tool in Agile software development.  

Our certification programs and courses provide skills to your entire workforce. From individual contributors who need to be ready to participate, leaders who need to champion change, and internal experts to facilitate performance improvement across your enterprise.

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Certification Programs in Decision Effectiveness

We have a certification path for every member of your team.  Learn decision making processes, frameworks, methods, and problem solving.  Empower your leaders and teams through role clarity.  Generate improved speed of decision making.  Enable your teams to produce better quality business cases, recommendations, and decisions.  Gain the benefit of optimal output and execution.  Our RAPIDS model enables you to apply the toolset to Agile software development and Joint Venture business arrangements.  Ours is the only model that allows you to improve consensus decision making.

Certified Decision Effectiveness Facilitator

The development of on-staff facilitators frees the company from the on-going need of consulting services and enables them to conduct organizational transformation independently. Having on-staff Facilitators enables a ready adaptation of the toolset to Agile software development when applicable.

Certified Leadership Decision Champion

Prepare leaders to be Champions of decision-making transformations in your organization. This is an application-based program with active and collaborative work as part of the learning.

Certified Decision Specialist

Introduce and explore all the knowledge components of decision sciences in business.  This program walks your employees through understanding what effective decision making is, why it’s important to business, and how to achieve improvements.

Side by Side Comparison


Business impact of decision effectiveness

Understand decisioning and workflow processes

Using RAPIDS roles to drive effectiveness

Mapping decision rights

Practicing decision roles through business simulation

Defining decision change and transformation efforts

Assessing organizational depedencies

Advocating, supporting, and monitoring decision changes

Identifying and designing decisions

Conducting gaps analyses

Decision workshops and chartering organizational changes




Digital Badges

DECIDE to Thrive
Improving Business Performance through Decision Effectiveness

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Lead with confidence through improved Decision Effectiveness!

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Learn how to LEAD your business teams to make better decisions that drive powerful business performance!

Much of what’s available on decision making focuses on the individual and popular psychology. We’ve researched and refined all of this information through years of consulting engagements. In this book you’ll find a practical and application-based approach for leading teams through decision effectiveness.

Combine DECISION EFFECTIVENESS with other performance disciplines to achieve HIGH success rates!

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Over-application of processes: bloating and taxing ?
Lack of empowerment and low employee engagement?
Too many business initiatives? Lack of organizational alignment