Certificate in Strategic Human Resources

This is a certificate program consisting of three courses.  The program prepares HR professionals to understand a business, financial performance, value chain, and growth strategies. The program then moves through business strategy, defining future growth, and interpreting organizational culture. HR business partners have the opportunity to measure culture, examine the employee journey, learn about organizational design, capabilities, and how to develop a human capital management plan that promotes the effective use of human capital through HR strategy. The program uses an integrated case company which the participants interact with throughout all three courses. Program culminates in the award of a professional certificate and digital badge.

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Who Should Participate?

HR Executives & Vice Presidents

HR Directors & HR Business Partners

Field HR & HR Generalists

Talent Management Professionals

Organizational Development & Effectiveness Professionals

Objectives of the Program

• Organizational capabilities and business strategies

• Organizational structure

• Human capital changes 

• Translate a company’s strategies

• Define human capital requirements

• Assess a company’s market differentiation

• Analyze a company’s financial performance

• Interpret products/service growth strategies

• Appraise culture and its impact on the business 

• Employee value propositions

• Employee lifecycle journey mapping

• Leading change in human capital

Certificate Information

Peer-Interactions: Get to know a peer group and learn together throughout your course of study

Digital Badging & Certificate: Earn a validated digital badge and certificate which you can use on your resume and social media platforms

Virtual and Online: The program is designed from the beginning for online instruction using the best blended learning techniques

Application Based: Integrated case studies designed for the HR professional to practice applying key strategic models

Completion Time: Public/open-enrollment are scheduled to be completed in one calendar year, and the courses are completed in series. Custom schedules can be arranged for in-tact groups.

Professional Recertification: Qualifies for recertification credit with both HRCI and SHRM

Strategic HR Program Content

The program consists of three courses.  As a public (open-enrollment) program, it requires nine months to complete.  Each course takes 3 months or approximately 12 weeks to complete.  This pace makes the coursework manageable for working professionals.  You can complete the program as long as you have internet access and are able to order the supporting books through electronic retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million.  If you do not have the ability to order your materials, we ship them to you separately; please reach out to us directly to make arrangements.

Course 1: Business Models and Systems

The first course starts where it makes most send for a strategic HR business partner…with the business! In order to partner with your clients, you must first have the ability to understand the business. We start with business financials, but this isn’t a “walk of drudgery”: we have set up the financials to be streamlined and learned quickly, so you can quickly assess financial health. Then we move into products, services, and business growth strategies. It is vital to understand how a business grows and how it differentiates itself in the marketplace. This allows the HR professional to make proper interpretations and recommendations on human capital investments.  You work extensively with the case company, where you have the opportunity to examine financial statements, product families, and market strategies.

Course 2: Culture and the Employee Value Proposition

Once a foundational understanding of the business is achieved in course 1, we move on to learn about and interpret organizational culture. This course is far better than anything you may have done with culture in your career. We use the case company to examine and measure culture within the business.  You’ll interact with industry leading employee surveys and business intelligence dashboards in order to analyze and diagnose opportunities.  In addition, we’ll use these insights to explore employee journey mapping and the employee experience across the employment lifecycle.  Then, we look specifically at the role of the strategic HR business partner and how they help to lead change in human capital management.

Course 3:  Viewing Organizations as Systems

The third and final course in the program brings it all together with a thorough examination of systems thinking.  We apply systems thinking to our work on human capital and the business ecosystem.  We examine topics such as organizational design, decision effectiveness, and interactions with processes, systems, and tools.  The focus of this course, and the conclusion of the program, is your ability to propose needed changes in Organizational Capabilities that allow the business to achieve its objectives.  Work continues on the integrated case company, enabling a full application-based experience through the entire program.  

You won’t just learn about strategic HR…

You will LEARN by DOING strategic HR!