Our Company

Our Start

Alonos ® was founded in 2015 as a new approach to enabling business success. Our trademarked name was created from two Latin words.

Translated, Alonos ® means:

“Improving Together”

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the strategic partner that delivers and transfers the expertise needed to transform the business systemically. Simply put, we increase the success rate of initiatives, add value to teams, and improve performance.

At Alonos ® everything we do is about improving performance.

Our Core Values


I. M. P. R. O. V. E.

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Who we are & what we do

Notable Expertise

We know what it takes to transform a business successfully

Driving Results

We believe in growth, improvement, and effectiveness

Guiding Principles

Partners WIN Together

Partnering to win together is what we’re about. When we created our company we even built the partnership into our name. 

Alonos ® means “Improving Together”

Understand WHY

Understanding is about mutual listening.
We practice the discipline of 5-why’s and work with you peeling-away complexity to get to the core requirements of performance improvement.

Systems Thinking

Our businesses are comprised of integrated systems of function. Driving performance improvements requires working on the system.

It’s never just 1-thing.

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Transfer Expertise

We believe it is our purpose to transfer expertise to you and your employees. We want you to be independent and able to execute at improved levels when we’re done. 

Unlike our competitors, we do not want you to be dependent on us.

Simple Tools, Rigorously Applied

We operate with a bias to simplicity.  There are enough models and frameworks in the world today; no need to create more and add complexity.  We select our toolbox intentionally because they are simple, easy to remember, and subsequently easy to apply.  Rigorous application drives results!

Active Participation

As the adage says, “all of us together are better than any one of us alone.”  We use group workshops and collaborative action extensively so that you gain the greatest benefit from your teams.

Our Founders

Dr. Maria Gomez Albrecht

Alonos Corporation


Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Dale J. Albrecht

Alonos Corporation

Chief Executive Officer

Principal Consultant

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