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Our organizational insights product suite provides unmatched insights, value, and integration. 

Our Organizational Insights Check™ is a best-in-class employee survey providing


organizational development

We focus on consulting services that drive business performance improvement. 

It is our mission to be your strategic partner that delivers and transfers the expertise needed to transform the business systemically. 

workshop facilitation

Our Leadership Advance!™ product advances your team through business planning in an accelerated manner.

We have an extensive library of tools and templates and can facilitate many types of workshops that accelerate team performance.

CASE EXAMPLE: Employee Survey


This 800 employee manufacturing company implemented the Organizational Insights Check™. They were thrilled that they could control the demographic fields which allowed them to slice their data and do deeper diagnostics. They were equally thrilled that the survey was available in multiple languages, and fully branded to their company’s branding guidelines. The companion slides were also pre-built and branded, and the ability to auto-generate the slides saved their HR team countless hours of work. The 4 profiles are invaluable tools for taking action to drive an improved workplace.


The employee engagement  profile provided 5 views of engagement.  Including flight risk and engagement enablers.


The company culture profile provided 5 dimensions and 31 sub-dimensions of culture.


The values profile examined a comparison of core values and a strength review against 23 values themes.


The organizational capabilities profile enabled the company to diagnose performance opportunities across 7 disciplines:  structure, process, decisioning, systems, tools, people, and incentives.

CASE EXAMPLE: Decision Effectiveness

Global Technology Company

This global software and technology company, with over 5,000 employees worldwide, wanted to improve decision-making so they could bring innovative products to market faster. As part of our organizational insights product suite, we implemented a diagnostic survey in decision effectiveness. The insights drove a multi-phased engagement which redefined decision rights on critical business decisions and improved speed of decision making by over 40%. Over 400 mid to senior level leaders were trained in decision effectiveness and another dozen were mentored to be internal coaches.

Organizational Insights Diagnostics

Pre-built diagnostics in decision effectiveness enabled the company to deploy, diagnose, and act in less than 60 days.  

Expert Facilitation

Alonos® consultants facilitated teams through identification of critical decisions and redefinition of how they should work.  Greatly improving decision speed.

Leadership Training

Alonos® partnered with the company’s high-potential employees and developed and delivered global learning on decision effectiveness. Using mixed methods (e-learning and instructor-led) completed the global roll-out in less than 6 months.

Process Consulting

In key decision and work areas, Alonos® provided process consulting, helping to streamline work flow and eliminate waste. The Customer’s Agile Coaches and SCRUM Masters were trained/coached in the use of Value Stream Mapping.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“We used the Alonos® Leadership Advance! product during my tenure as CEO of HOYA Vision Care of America. Alonos® enabled us to rally a large leadership team of over 30 people in a short time-frame. We completed strategic planning, mission, vision, core values, scorecard, and management calendar in 90 days from start to finish. It definitely allows you to advance a team quickly while building trust and collaboration “

Derek Dodge, President & CEO

formerly with…
HOYA Vision Care of North America

“I have implemented many employee surveys in my career. The Alonos® Organizational Insights Check™ is best-in-class. We were able to use diagnostics on employee engagement, culture, and organizational capabilities. The pre-built and branded slides saved my team a lot of time and work and allowed us to focus on being strategic HR partners to our business units.”

Kenneth Reeves, Ph.D.

CHRO & Former NFL Player

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