Catalog of Learning Solutions and Courses

Our L & D programs are built using expert instructional design appropriate for the topic and learning method.  We’re not a big firm with thousands of courses.  We focus our efforts on solutions that provide critical skill development and enable your business to grow.  We provide course across methods including online courses, instructor-led, webinars, mixed mode, and custom elearning. 

We have the ability to deploy our programs using our own learning content management system or we can partner with you to host programs using your learning management system.  Many of our programs are supported by digital badging, providing learners with credentials that they can use on their resumes and professional social media profiles.  

Decision Making Certifications and Courses

There are 3 certification paths for leading business decision making.  In addition to these we also offer several stand-alone courses in decision making and decision effectiveness.  All programs are offered either in-person, online, or in mixed mode.  The simulation is offered in-person only.

Facilitator in Decision Effectiveness

This certification and course is designed for individuals in larger companies who will work across their enterprise to continuously improve decision effectiveness. The development of on-staff facilitators frees the company from the on-going need of consulting services and enables them to conduct organizational transformation independently. Having on-staff Facilitators enables a ready adaptation of the toolset to Agile software development when applicable.

Champion in Decision Effectiveness

This certification program and course is design to prepare leaders to be Champions of decision-making transformations in the organization. As such, this is an application-based program with a significant portion of active and collaborative work as part of the learning.

Specialist in Decision Effectiveness

This course is intended as a thorough introduction to business decision making, and it applies to anyone, at any level of an organization, who has an active role in decision making processes.

Leadership Academies

There are 3 prebuilt leadership academies that we call our Leadership and Executive Accelerated Development (L.E.A.D.) programs.  Each program is built to maximize leader and team effectiveness.  Each program is available in multiple methods including in-person, virtual, and mixed methods.

Topics include:  Having a culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Interacting with Boards and Corporate Governance; Executive Ethics; Building a high-performing executive team; Developing robust business and strategic plans; Facilitating team planning, management calendars, scorecards, and measurement systems.

Topics include:  Diagnosing, establishing, and maintaining organizational culture; Leadership decision making; Understanding and maximizing your leadership style; Understanding your preferences and strengths; Leading high-performing work teams; Understanding the business ecosystem and your role in driving growth and success.

Topics include:  Supervisory and management essentials; Leadership principles and competencies; Managing employee performance; Employee coaching and development; Building high-performing teams; Understanding and advancing your leadership style.

Strategic HR

This is a three course program for HR leaders in Strategic Human Resource Management. The program prepares HR professionals to understand a business, financial performance, value chain, and growth strategies. The program then moves through business strategy, defining future growth, and interpreting organizational culture. HR business partners have the opportunity to measure culture, examine the employee journey, learn about organizational design, capabilities, and how to develop a human capital management plan that promotes the effective use of human capital through HR strategy. The program uses an integrated case company which the participants interact with throughout all three courses.  Program culminates in the award of a professional certificate and digital badge.  

Course 3:

Topics include: Systems thinking and performance, Organizational structure and design, Organizational power and decision making, Organizational capabilities, and Human capital changes.

Course 2:

Topics include: Measuring and diagnosing organizational culture, Understanding the employee journey, Developing an employee value proposition, Leading change to enable successful achievement of the business strategy.

Course 1:

Topics include: Assessing business financials, Determining market value differentiation, Business growth strategies, and Understanding a company’s value chain.