Instructional Design and Development

Our learning programs are built using expert instructional design appropriate for the topic and learning method. We’re not a big firm with thousands of courses. We focus our efforts on solutions that provide critical skill development and enable your business to grow. We provide course across methods including online courses, instructor-led, webinars, mixed mode, and custom e-learning development. 

We have the ability to deploy our programs using our own learning content management system or we can partner with you to host programs using your learning management system. Many of our programs are supported by digital badging, providing learners with credentials that they can use on their resumes and professional social media profiles.  

Custom E-Learning Development

eLearning and specifically micro-learning is important to organizations today. Learning solutions need to meet your business goals and the employee learning objectives.  The right solution can help you on-board employees faster and drive improved employee retention.  Reducing turnover will have a positive impact on your culture and overall productivity of your business.

We produce learning content for you, taking into account job needs and organizational objectives.  We can project manage the entire process from instructional design, authoring, visual design, training content development, graphics, audio, video, and measurements.  In addition, we can partner with you to provide SCORM compliant content that you can deploy on your LMS/LCMS. If your a smaller organization, and it makes more sense for your business, we can host your company’s content on our learning system. 

Technical Training

To ensure that your employees know how to perform their jobs at maximum effectiveness and efficiency, it’s imperative that technical businesses provide appropriate technical training to their workforce. We have decades of experience designing, developing, and delivering technical skill training. 

Our experience includes communications electronics, information security, medical devices, construction, manufacturing, food production, precision optical, and much more! 

Technical training, sometimes also referred to as vocational technical training, addresses job specific skills.  These can range from using applications, operating machinery, complex systems troubleshooting, to serving customers.

The technical skills your employees need will depend on their specific job roles and their previous experience. Your training options can range from using hands-on methods to taking advantage of comprehensive in-person or online courses. We partner with you to meet these needs and enable rapid skill development with your employees.

We operate a learning platform where anyone can take e-learning courses in business. Many of the course and programs provide the ability to earn digital badges and certificates. Along with these public programs, we also manage private courses and programs for our customers. Now, these you can see on the Alonos Business University site because, well, they’re private. The platform provides our customers with a rich and engaging learning environment, which employees enjoy interacting with. 

Please explore the courses offered. The content is constantly under development and new titles are being added, so check back often!

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