Human Resources Consulting

Are you afraid you might be out of compliance?

Not getting qualified applicants?

Struggling with High Turnover and Low Retention?

Are you overwhelmed with recruiting volume?

Does your company lack visibility to key talent, which is hurting your DE&I efforts?

Not getting the performance you need from your bonus and commission plans?

Do your HRBPs understand the business?

Our HR consulting services are based on best practices that drive the strategic HR function and enables you to meet your businesses needs. We supplement your existing HR team by providing a wide variety of HR outsourcing products and services on a part-time, full-time, contract, and consulting basis. We flex to meet your needs, whether you’re an HR department of one or a large multi-national organization in countries around the world. You can count on us to provide your HR departments with the best support, aligned to your business and team needs.

Strategic HR

We help you elevate Human Capital Management to deliver strategic value to your business.
We actively focus on small and mid-market businesses, enabling and augmenting HR teams to help grow their businesses. It’s hard to acquire all the resources that you need to drive a business forward when your running a smaller HR organization. We know; we’ve done it. We provide you a high level of expertise at the right value point. Each of our consultants are able to pivot, flex, and adapt to your needs without having to buy additional resources; because we have the expertise, we’re able to get you there faster and more cost effectively. We are both efficient and effective.  

(Unlike other firms, we won’t pull up a bus-load of inexperienced fresh-out’s at exorbitant rates.)

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70% of Org Changes Fail

Can you tolerate failure?

Neither do we! We help you achieve an effective organization now and as you grow. We enable you to put in place the structures and systems that achieve performance. If you’re a tech or software development company, we are one of the only firms that have specially designed techniques and processes that allow you to do Agile organizational transformation.

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Organizational Effectiveness

Each underperforming organization underperforms in its own way,


all high-performing organizations are alike in critical areas.  

High performing organizations have strong leadership, effective decision making, design the value chain intentionally, focus on the right talent, champion change, and ensure a culture of trust, mutual accountability, and results.

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Employer Branding

Do job seekers know you?

Do candidates proactively seek you?

We work with you to provide employer brand management services so that you can attract and retain top potential candidates. We help you culturally adapt your employee value propositions to match your company’s reputation and the types of candidates you seek. We provide services in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Drive the best candidate experience, attract top talent, and achieve being a best place to work.

picture of a team

Talent Management

Only 35% of companies have succession plans. 

41% of Executives rate competition for Talent as their number 1 priority!

Having an active talent management process is a powerful enabler to your ability to attract, retain, and develop top talent.  Succession planning enables visibility of emerging leaders and fosters a healthy diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) management system.  We can partner with you to quickly put in place best practice processes and systems that will enable long term development and high performance.

Talent Acquisition

Hire the right talent and source candidates that fit your business. We actively focus on small and mid-market businesses, enabling and augmenting HR teams to help  grow their businesses . We work with you across both the talent and organizational lifecycles, enabling your new talent for success from day one! With our retained searches we include new leader assimilation coaching and consulting, ensuring effective transitions and shortening the timeline to successful and positive impact on the business and teams. Let us help you hire top talent and experience our industry leading candidate experience. 

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Executive Search

Our retained search practice focuses on key leadership roles that drive Agile HR organizations and Agile Leadership.  If you’re having difficulty finding key talent to join your leadership team, work with our executive search firm.  We partner with private, public, private equity, and venture capital ownership.

photo of team commitment

Recruiting Advertising

Does your recruitment ad align with your company brand image ad your recruitment marketing strategy?  If not, you may be overwhelmed by a high volume of poor quality applicants, or worse yet, no applicants.  When we work with you on a job search we also include targeted recruitment advertising that attracts ideal candidates.

photo of lifecycle


Don’t just hire a third party recruiter or outsourcer.  Get a partner!  Not only do we help you acquire top talent, we partner with you through the lifecycle of on-boarding, assimilation, planning, development, and execution.  We bring solutions and tools that contribute to long term performance and success.

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Hiring Assessments

Add some objective to your hiring process and make data driven hiring decisions. We bring best in class assessment tools that assess candidates for fit with your company culture, and alignment with personality traits on your leadership team.  Improve your hiring decisions while driving retention and performance.

Compensation Consulting

We bring solutions that align with your business needs. Working closely with executive leadership, Boards of Directors, Compensation Committees, and HR Leaders, we actively focus on small and mid-market businesses, enabling you to grow the business. We take a total rewards view to compensation strategies and help you design pay programs that drive performance and retention. We leverage benchmarking data from industry leading sources such as Payscale and the Economic Research Institute. Make data driven and market based decisions and work with a leading executive compensation consulting firm at Alonos.  Compensation benchmarking and pay equity analysis is included in our HR Due Diligence & HR Audit services.

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Executive Compensation

Our focus in compensation is working with small and mid-market companies with an ownership structure that includes private, private equity, and venture capital.  We work with you to benchmark, analyze, and define executive pay packages that drive discretionary effort and improved performance.  These can include base pay, commission plans, equity, equity-like, deferred compensation, and more.  Our approach always has an orientation to pay for performance.

photo of target and arrows

Sales Incentive Plan Design

We collaborate with you to design sales compensation plans that drive sales performance.  We will work with you to review base salary, incentive plans, and variable versus fixed pay mix.  Our goal is to work with you to optimize revenue growth and profitability while driving effective sales cycles, customer acquisition, and customer retention.  Effective sales performance and sales teams require an on-going and periodic review of sales incentive plan design.

photo illustrating incentives

Compensation Analysis and Benchmarking

As a small or mid-market company, it can be difficult to access high quality benchmarking data with which to make pay decisions. Let us help you do that. We will work with you to perform compensation analytics and benchmarking, and we will bring industry leading compensation data that will enable you to respond to market data. Proper benchmarking enables you to attract and retain top talent by providing competitive compensation packages.

photo of bonus and incentive health

Bonus and Incentive Plan Design

Is your company’s bonus plan driving the level of engagement and performance that you desire?

We have extensive experience building bonuses and incentives that motivate employees to contribute maximum effort.  We can explore all types of bonuses and help you establish a total rewards approach that pays for performance while maximizing your ability to attract and retain top talent.

Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees leaveEngaged employees stay
Highly engaged employees put in discretionary effort!
If you’re a small to mid-market company you might not think you can access the data and information that you need to measure employee engagement. We built our survey products specifically for you! We built our platform to provide exceptional value and insights without the games that the big survey companies play.  In addition, we always provide you with high-touch consulting services to interpret, diagnose, and action plan around your engagement levels.  We partner with you to setup a winning work environment that maximizes the employee experience and generates a productive company culture.  We are one of the only providers that can give you a view of organizational values, core values, and Agile values.  Agile values and beliefs are the cornerstone of rapid and effective software development in the tech industry.  

Photo illustration of employee engagement

Measure employee engagement as a first step to determining engagement levels to help you understand what’s needed to improve employee work environments. Pulse surveys support any frequency that fits your business. Surveys are always mobile ready and available in multiple languages.

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Measure your organizational culture across multiple performance dimensions which describe your working environment and drive employee satisfaction. Our leading BI dashboard enable you to quickly analyze the results. Your organizational culture should drive high performance. Know what you’ve got and what you need to do to maximize business results.

photo about core values

Have you ever had a leader fail because they weren’t a fit? Did they drive the wrong things and disrupt teams?  

If so, you experienced a values mismatch. We are one of the only providers that measure a comprehensive set of values and provide you with a wealth of information and help you ensure leader success. Additionally, we provide an assessment of Agile Values which are invaluable to navigating an Agile organizational transformation.

image of process flow

Collecting feedback from employees can help your organization understand where there are performance and effectiveness gaps. These span items such as Agile and leadership decision making, organizational structure, process and workflow effectiveness, organizational resources, systems, job tools, and many more. The organizational effectiveness questionnaire provides rich insights delivered in an intuitive business intelligence dashboard.

Showing how your employees feel about working at your company.

Great for Merger & Acquisition activity and new leader assimilation.

Great for Merger & Acquisition activity and new leader assimilation.

Ideal for driving organizational transformation and organizational effectiveness.

Agile HR

Are you exploring agile ways of working?
We have developed practices and approaches that position human resources departments to enable their companies to pursue Agile software and product development. Applying Agile with cross functional teams requires continuous feedback and partnership between HR leaders and business leaders. The goal is to help HR professionals and HR teams to examine and adjust HR processes to that they’re nimble and flexible where they need to be for optimal software development. That doesn’t mean that everything in HR changes. There’s still a need for many of the traditional approaches to HR practices. For example, your compliance efforts should continue to be built on solid and tested processes, systems, and tools which are predictable and have high accuracy and reliability. A counter example though is your performance management: Does an annual performance review help or hinder your company’s ability to work on software development in an Agile mindset? There are many other areas where HR practices and projects should be re-examined, and we are experts at helping companies move through an Agile organizational transformation.

photo of team strategic hr

Creating an Agile Culture

Adopting an Agile culture and moving through an Agile transformation takes thoughtful planning and intentional change. At its core, Agile is a change in values and beliefs. That change starts with your senior leadership team and needs to extend through development and into all supporting operations. Adopting an Agile mindset works best when you can measure the cultural components and plan for changes real-time, enabling all operations units to drive continuous improvement. Our suite of organizational effectiveness diagnostic surveys and performance consulting helps you build an Agile workforce quickly. We work with small and large organizations and can provide the project management needed to succeed.

photo of executive


Are your HRBP’s skilled to engage with their business leaders to drive high performing Agile development teams?

The HRBP is the integration role between your business units, development teams, and HR Centers of Excellence (COE). The HRBP benefits greatly from intentional skill development in Agile HR, talent management, employee engagement, performance management, and customer experience. We provide certification programs that can be delivered on-site to individual teams, which will rapidly drive your ability to make a business impact and help your operational and development teams make decisions at a pace that wins in the marketplace.

photo of a rugby scrum


Is there such as thing as SCRUM HR?

There is now!

We will show you how to couple traditional waterfall workstreams with sprint-based teams.  The HR Scrum Master, much like a product SCRUM Master, ensures that capabilities are delivered with speed.  They do this with an orientation to working and functioning capabilities, prioritized over fully fleshed out processes and documentation.  Exactly like what’s espoused in the Agile Manifesto.  

The counter-point is that there are a lot of things in HR that still require traditional people practices, where HR initiatives need to run with traditional methodologies.  We help you balance this so that you maximize your positive impact to the business. 

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Agile Organizational Transformation

Successful Agile transformations are always centered on the customer and rapid functional software deployment to the marketplace.  Building agile principles into your development, deployment, and support teams is important.  Intentionally building business agility into your cross functional indirect teams is equally essential for the successful transformation and change effort where the entire organization embraces and adopts Agile.  Our Agile coaches are experts at helping you to identify, define, and execute long term sustainable change so that you can move more quickly through your organizational transformation and reap the benefits of newfound business agility.

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