Understand your Company Values

Every organization has a values profile, and sub-units within a company have have unique differences in their values mixes.

Every department and work-group can have their own unique values profile.


With your ability to set up your own demographic filters, you can compare variances across the organization.


These insights enable you to partner with key leaders to take action and ensure that your living your core values.

22 Measured Values Themes

Values Themes:
Values Descriptors:

Core Values Definition

Core Values Mapping for your Company

Map your company’s core values to measured values themes, enabling you to gain insights across your organization.

Don’t have core values?

Using our Values Workbook we can work with you to identify a set of core values that will enable your business and build a desirable culture. Our 22 themes are structured into 115 descriptors making it easy to generate mnemonics, acronyms, and campaigns.

photo about core values

Values Drive Culture

Values are a key driver of organizational culture. It’s not enough to define a core set of values for your company, you need to be able to coach, guide, and direct changes so the work experience matches the company’s goals. The values profile provides you with the INSIGHTS you need to drive ACTION.

Core Values Map

Your core values ratings are mapped to your mnemonic so you can quickly what the work experience is like within each of your organizations.

All Values Map

Every organization has its own unique values map. Even when you have established core values for the company other things will compete for attention. A values map can vary by organizational unit and by leader. When your core values aren’t what you desire, our All-Values Map allows you to see what’s competing for attention; it’s like looking at the DNA of your organization. These INSIGHTS enable you to take ACTION and partner with the organization to promote the desired culture within your company.

image of DNA

And, that’s just the Values profile.

There are 3 other profiles provided with the Organizational Insights Check™

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