The 7 Performance Disciplines

Need to diagnose company and organizational performance issues?  

One distinguishing feature of the Organizational Insights Check™ is it’s ability to provide you with extensive diagnosis, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Using OIC gives you a DATA-DRIVEN approach to performance improvement in your business.

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Organization Structure

We measure several sub-dimensions of organization structure, including design, clarity to your employees, pace of organizational changes, resource and management availability.  The combination of these metrics provides you with rich data, accuracy, and the ability to diagnose and prescribe “surgical” and “refined” adjustments to structure. This helps to avoid the damage that can be caused by misinformed structure changes.

Business Process

Business process is critical to superior performance.  OIC enables you to clearly see where you may need some work on process clarity, application and discipline, and process automation.  No other survey tool provides you with these superior process insights into the performance of your business.

Decision Making

We’ve known for decades, through research, that companies with a high degree of decision effectiveness outperform their competitors in profitability, margin, and return on capital.  For such a critical contributor to business performance, it makes total sense to measure decision making.  OIC allows you to diagnose role clarity, decision quality, speed, effort, execution, empowerment, and decision communications.  These are invaluable for driving improved business success!

Business Systems

For as much time, energy, and resources that we spend on systems in our businesses, there are still gaps in almost every business.  And, when a part of your employee population struggles with not having the right systems or enough automation, it negatively impacts performance and engagement.  OIC diagnoses these systems enablers and also gives you a view of how your employees think and feel about your management calendar.

Job Tools

If your employees don’t have the job tools they need, or if they have sub-par tools, performance and engagement will plummet!  Job tool issues, when they happen, are the highest contributor to employee turnover.  Our survey product provides you with the ability to detect and solve job tool issues proactively.

People & Human Capital

People are your number 1 resource.  They are the only resource that can appreciate over time and contribute exponentially to innovation and growth.  OIC provides you with key people measures such as diversity, equity, inclusion, development, change management, and learning.  All of which contribute to a growth culture with high employee retention.


Incentives drive performance and behaviors.  Your employee survey should provide you a regular view of how your employees feel about goal alignment, fairness of pay plans, and whether or not your incentives motivate increased levels of performance.  OIC enable you to make data driven decisions to maximize the positive impact of your investment in employee incentives.

And, that’s just the Performance Profile

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