Leadership Advance Video Introduction

Greater Innovation & More Buy-In

Facilitated planning workshops that enable collaboration and teaming.

Followed by the establishment of a management calendar, scorecards, and a project management cadence.

All designed to get you there FAST!

Expect Only the Best


These are active sessions.  We design for sessions that are 80% active team collaboration and planning.

Build Trust

One of the benefits of a collaboration strategic planning process is that it builds trust among your leadership team.

Team Intelligence

We believe that ‘all of us together are better than any one of us alone.’  Leadership Advance! ® leverages the collective intelligence of your team.

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Productive Conflict

Facilitated workshops enable productive conflict where your leadership team can bring forward the tough business issues.

Results focused

We start with results desired.  Test for contribution to results as we plan.  And, then we work with you to put in place scorecards, dashboards, and a management cadence that ensures the results are delivered.

Outputs of Leadership Advance

Each of these outputs is customized to your needs.

Mission & Vision

Provide your organization with both direction and purpose.

Core Values

Support your vision and set a clear expectation of culture and differentiation.

Environmental Scanning

Changes happen quickly in most markets.  Activate your leadership team.


Ensure your people know what work contributes to winning and success.

Key Results

 Clarity drives performance; watch your team rally!

Initiatives & Projects

Charter the changes expected, and empower teams through proper resourcing and monitoring.

Key Performance Indicators

What you measure gets done.


Clear and simple communications enable strong execution and results.

Management Calendar

Participation thrives on advance preparation.  Everyone needs to know the cadence.

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