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Organizational Design and Organizational Structure

Span of Control Issues?

Lines of Communication Unclear?

Need to reduce costs?

Rapid growth and expansion?

Need to drive higher performance?

Conflict between Centers of Excellence and Business Units?

Need an Agile Organizational Structure?

Our approach to Org. Design services is oriented to achieving high performing teams. Did you know that organizational structure changes fail to achieve the desired business goals 72% of the time? There are a lot of people and firms out there who will help you put together org charts and lines and boxes. But, when failure is not an option and you need an organizational design consultant who can help you transform your business, you need Alonos. We use a trademarked systems approach that has proven to drive organizational capabilities and succeed! In addition, we specialize in Agile organization structure for technology and development businesses. We can accelerate your Agile organization transformation, enable you with Agile training, and provide you with certified Agile Leadership. Don’t settle for old-school OCD (org chart development) consultants when you can get an Agile Consultant who enables your success.

Organizational Design Consultant

We believe that organizational structure should be chosen on purpose and by design. It is a part of the foundation of your company and it governs what your people do and how they do it.

Organizational design is about much more than an organizational structure or lines and boxes. Effective organization design impacts your culture, communications, how people interact, work flow, processes, and much more. We also uniquely understand the cultural implications of conducting Agile organizational transformation while building Agile values and protecting the culture that has made you successful. Cultures around the world respond differently to organizational structure types. What works well in one country/culture may not work as well in another.  Our consultants are highly credentialed and have extensive experience working with small, mid-market, and large companies around the world.

Agile Organizational Transformation

We view organizations as systems, and we use a defined and systematic approach to every organizational design engagement. If your embarking upon an Agile organizational transformation through start-up, acquisition, merger, or evolution, our process and tools have been refined through years experience.  The tools that we have built help balance agile principles with traditional methods.  Many firms will try to make everything Agile, or they’ll simply call everything Agile.  (We call them Agile Buzzards.  Be careful of the Agile Buzzards; they’ll sell you an Agile pen and pencil set if they can.)  We believe in the Agile Values and Manifesto, and we recognize that the mindset informs software development and product development.  At the same time, there are needs in indirect functions, back-office, and upstream and downstream groups in your value chain.  While they don’t necessarily need to produce using Agile methods, they absolutely need to enable engineering and development.  We are uniquely positioned to help you make a successful Agile transformation while partnering with your leadership teams and making you successful in the long term.

Agile Team Structures

Agile team structures are completely different from the organizational structure for the company. An agile team can contain members from several cross-functional groups. The team is assembled dynamically to leverage the skills and resources needed to achieve the customer deliverables in a working functional product. 

Common agile team roles include the product owner, SCRUM Master, and the development team members. Often one of these roles also carries the project management duties. And, one of these roles also carries the Sustain role in RAPIDS decision making for Agile. RAPIDS is the only decision model that has been specifically designed for application in the Agile environment, and it was developed and pioneered by Alonos. Here’s a big extra bonus: We’ve made RAPIDS public domain! Unlike our competitor(s) who trademark and patent their techniques, we stay true to the Agile Manifesto and enable you to produce software in a way that WINS in the marketplace!

Read our book on Agile Decision Making, or if your pressed for time, download a copy of the Abstract, also known as the Alonos POINT because it gets to the point fast!

Agile Consultants

Our Agile Consultants believe in the values put forth in the Agile Manifesto.  They also come with great experience in traditional management consulting and are able to adapt to you, your company, and every level and role in your company.  We help you scale Agile to ensure high performing agile capabilities and software development.  In addition, our consultants are versed and certified in techniques such as Continuous Process Improvement, Value Stream Mapping, and Project and Program Management.  We can help you accelerate your time to market and ensure the effectiveness of your Agile transformation.

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