Our Company, Products, and Services


Brief Company Overview


Introduction to our industry leading employee survey, Organizational Insights Check™


Overview of how you can accelerate your leader on-boarding through facilitated strategic planning using Leadership Advance!®

Alonos Featured on Public TV Video


Educational segment sponsored by Alonos® which aired in 2019 on PTV in the On Demand with Rob Lowe segment.

Business Performance Improvement

Achieving Higher Success Rates


Seminar given by Dr. Dale J. Albrecht at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Presented to the Project Management forum.  Reviews the business ecosystem, value chain, differentiation, and how to achieve higher levels of success with business iniatives.

Why You Should Change Your Approach to Business Initiatives


Summary video that supports the UTD lecture.  Provides highlights on the reasons WHY our approach to business initiatives should change.

Human Resources and People

22 Facts that can Improve Your HR Leadership


22 trends and facts that have a dramatic effect on how you lead the human resources function

Organizational Design: Improving Success


Short video that explains how you can approach organizational design projects so that they succeed

Organizational Design: Time Wounds


Explanatory video about why the natural progression of time tends to hurt organizational structures

Organizational Design: Putting Structure in Perspective


Explanatory video about how organizational design/structure fits within other disciplines that drive performance in a business

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