Enjoy these free infographics…all we ask is that you properly cite them!

Compensation Infographic

This is a great visual of the compensation landscape. Useful as a reference when speaking to business leaders about your company’s total rewards package. Often people don’t realize the fully breadth of total package until they see it visually.  

Alonos Infographic on Compensation Landscape

SMART Objectives Infographic

SMART Objectives Reference Card

If you’re working on developing goals and objectives to support your performance management, this is a great reference card. The SMART mnemonic is only 1/2 of the model, and most stop with explaining it. However, equally important, is being able to coach people HOW to write complete objectives. That’s where the Condition, Task, and Standard components come in. A great process to walk people through.

Image of SMART Objectives Reference Card

Learning Journey Maps

Leadership Competencies and Principles

Learning journey map for Leadership Competencies and Principles

Communications and Managing Performance

Learning journey map for Communications and Managing Performance

Building High Performing Teams

Learning journey map for Building High Performing Teams

Driving Team Commitment

Learning map for Driving Team Commitment

Delivering and Measuring Results

Learning journey map for Delivering and Measuring Results

Leadership Decision Making

Learning Journey Map for Decision Making