Here you will find books that we have sponsored, published, and/or written.  Our current publication calendar has 8 books planned by the end of 2023, and all are in the organizational effectiveness and strategic HR areas, focusing on driving business performance.

Here you will find a mix of articles, white papers, and opinion editorials (op-eds) that our staff have authored, co-authored, and edited.  Enjoy the content, and if you’re interested in contributing please go to our contact page and reach out.  We’d love to hear your ideas.

Here you will find e-learning programs that we have produced.  These include a variety of subjects, and they tend to focus on organizational effectiveness and the more strategic aspects of human resource management.

Our collection of business book summaries and abstracts, which we call the “POINT.”

Get to the point, fast!

Read our complimentary abstracts…

Here you will find original infographics produced by Alonos®.  You can access and download these for free.  We do ask that you respect copyrights and provide attribution when you use them.  Let us know if you have ideas or would like to contribute.

Here you will find useful templates.  They include templates that you can use in your daily work such as meeting templates, decision rights modeling, process design, value stream mapping, and more.

Here you will find videos that we have produced.  These are a mix of company-related information, speaking engagements, short explainer videos, and more.

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