expertise & Trust

We focus our HR services on high-value and strategic human capital areas, bringing you expertise and experience that you can trust.


We work with you to drive unparalleled improvements in employee engagement through the application of HR disciplines.


We work with your to deliver improved organizational performance through the expert use of organizational disciplines.

Employee Surveys

Whether you’re looking for and Engagement Survey, Culture Survey, or Custom Surveys, we have the products for you.  We use industry leading benchmarks and business intelligence platforms for data analytics and reporting.  Your business partners will be WOW’d by the INSIGHTS and ELEGANCE!

HR Audits & Due Diligence

If you’re acquiring a company and what to know the status of the HR practices and compliance, we’ve conducted due diligence on $100’s of millions of transaction deals over the past decade.  

Or, if you’re an existing company and you’d like an external review of practices, policies, compliance, and organizational strength, we bring the expertise  and experience you can count on!

Organizational Design

Need to restructure or make adjustments to organizational structure?  We have decades of experience across many industries, allowing you to leverage industry-leading expertise.  Design it right the first time and avoid re-work.

Leadership Training

Leverage our pre-built leadership training curricula.

Supervisory Skills

Focused skills training for first-time supervisors and line-supervisors.


Extensive capabilities building e-learning solutions, plus leverage our current library of programs.

Instructional Design

A rare capability-set nowadays:  Instructional Systems Design using criterion based instructional techniques.

Custom Development

We can custom develop a learning program to fit your needs.

Training Delivery

We can deliver training programs in multiple languages all around the world.


We use aa systematic process to enhance your employees’ skills, knowledge, and competencies, resulting in better individual, team, and organizational performance.

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Recruiting and Executive Placement

Supplement your talent acquisition team with our expert recruiters and recruitment process outsourcing.

Executive Recruiting

We focus our executive recruiting on leadership positions in Human Resources and Marketing, and we provide the unique advantage of conducting our searches across cultures and multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.


Outsource all or part of your recruiting and talent acquisition processes to our team.  We have an extensive partner network along with talent that’s capable of working within your human capital management system and applicant tracking system.

Talent Management – Succession Planning


Understand your Board profile, member strengths and gaps, and develop a high performing Board of Directors.


Keep your eye on talent.  Gain clarity on bench strength and depth of bench for critical leadership roles. Mitigate risk associated with unexpected gaps.


Develop your bench talent and prepare them to be ready to succeed critical role.  Leverage leadership development, business planning workshops, and coaching.

Team Building and Performance

Including New Leader Assimilation

Our team building, team performance, and new leader assimilation solutions use some of the best recognized and leading tools in the industry.  We leverage our partnership with John C. Wiley & Sons to deliver best-in-class engagements.